Amy’s Story

AmyBefore entering Colette’s Children’s Home (CCH), Amy was struggling in her addiction. She had been using meth on and off for five years. She was introduced to drugs in high school and started smoking weed, this then progressed into harder substances. Amy was using every day and getting high any way she could. She recalls the moment she decided she needed to get clean, not only for her daughter, but also herself. She remembers “shooting up” in the restroom and her daughter on the other side of the door saying, “mommy come play with me.” This is when Amy knew she needed to get clean. Amy got sober and went to an outpatient rehab and from there entered CCH.

She continued to complete her outpatient program and maintain her sobriety. While in CCH, Amy found childcare for her daughter, gained employment, and enrolled part-time in school to major in Human Services to help people who are in similar situations like the one she was facing. Amy worked with the CCH staff and utilized all her resources, making good use of her case management, the donation center, and the food pantry. While working towards a better life in CCH, she saved over $12,500 dollars. She successfully graduated the program and found permanent housing for her and her daughter!

“I believe Colette’s Children’s Home saved me and my daughter from being homeless and gave me tools to continue being sober and a support system to keep me accountable. Thank you, CCH, for giving me the opportunity to be the best Mom I can be for my daughter.”– Amy