Isamar’s Story

photo of Isamar“I was homeless, broken, and living in a bad situation. I had little food to give my daughter, and I was so afraid. I remember I was walking around after my stay at a motel ended. I had no place to go that night. My poor daughter was tired, and her clothes were dirty. I remember feeling like I had failed as a mother. It was so cold that night we went into a Denny’s to sit down and get warm. That night I met a lady who let me sleep in her garage. She did not know me and helped me in whatever way she could. I slept in her garage until I entered Colette’s Children’s Home.

Colette’s was the beginning of a new way of life for me. At first, I was afraid because I was so grateful to have a place to sleep, however job hunting, daycare, and transportation all scared me. I did not know how to do any of those things. Little by little I overcame every single one of those obstacles. I learned to use public transportation, I obtained and maintained a full-time job, I completed the program at Colette’s, and I now have a permanent place to live. I have something else I did not have before, I now have a relationship with my family. I was able to overcome my biggest obstacle ever, I left my husband. For so long I was not able to let go of this unhealthy relationship. Because of Colette’s, I was finally able to end this relationship and they helped me realize that I deserved better for myself and my daughter.

Colette’s gave me a new life! This program changed my life and my little Sophia’s. Colette’s gave us a chance to heal, and to feel secure in our environment. We will always be grateful to Colette’s Children’s Home. The women in Colette’s are supported with shelter, resources, and services to assist them in becoming self-sufficient and obtaining permanent housing. I highly recommend this program to women who are struggling to get their lives back on track.”– Isamar