Client Success Stories

Isamar’s Story

“I was homeless, broken, and living in a bad situation. I had little food to give my daughter, and I was so afraid. I remember I was walking around….”

Felicia’s Story

“My journey was not easy. I had used drugs for many years, roughly 20 years on and off, and I had to learn the hard way that this lifestyle and….”

Yesica’s Story

“For almost two years my three kids and I didn’t have a place to call home. Colette’s Children’s Home was our third shelter. I lost everything…”

Martha’s Story

“Before going to prison, I was a single mother and was influenced by toxic and unhealthy relationships and family. I was homeless…”

Lenora’s Story

“My situation? Now that I have overthought this, I will start by telling you about how my situation became a journey I am so grateful for today…”

Amy’s Story

“I believe Colette’s Children’s Home saved me and my daughter from being homeless and gave me tools to continue being sober and…”