Martha’s Story

Martha“Before going to prison, I was a single mother and was influenced by toxic and unhealthy relationships and family. I was homeless at the time with my 8-month-old baby and desperate. I was imprisoned for drug trafficking and sentenced to 10 years. I was forced to leave my daughter behind. Luckily, her grandmother and aunt were able to take her in as I spent years behind bars. I did a lot of self and soul searching. I took a lot of productive classes to help me change and become a better person, daughter and mother. I took my sentence as a blessing in disguise as it helped me turn my life around. After my release, I was 28 years old and staying at a halfway house in order to transition out of being in prison and integrating back into society after being incarcerated for the past eight years.

When I was released from the halfway house, I knew I did not want to go back with my family as they were all struggling with addiction and I was now healthy and sober.  I heard of Colette’s Children’s Home through a co-worker who was currently in the program. Once I applied and was accepted in the program, I was able to regain custody of my daughter. She was now 8 years old and no longer the 8-month-old baby that I had to leave behind. Being at Colette’s allowed me to stay away from an unhealthy environment and maintain my sobriety. Colette’s was able to provide a safe and healthy environment for me to be able to start and build a relationship with my daughter after missing most of her entire childhood. In my most desperate time of need Colette’s was there to help me. They really did help me get back on my feet. I was able to save money towards housing, buy myself a car and ultimately be able to obtain my own apartment. My experience at Colette’s was awesome, it was a blessing and to me it was life changing. I am very grateful for this program.” – Martha